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Quality standard of cleaning cloth for clean room

The cleaning at clean room is a very important daily work for a pharmaceutical enterprise. The level of cleaning cloth, as the main tool for cleaning work, will directly affect the efficiency and result of such works. But we find many pharmaceutical enterprises are still not clear about how to select this tool. We give some standards regarding the quality of cleaning cloths hereinafter for your reference and communication: 1.For the total particle quantity in liquid environment (the adaptation of cleaning cloths in a cleaning environment can be determined by simulating and testing the total quantity of particles which the cleaning cloths are generated in liquid environment during the actual usage process), generally the quantity of particles ≥0.5μm or ≥5μm will be calculated. The unit is in million particles/m2. The less quantity of particles means the better performance of cleaning cloths. 2.For the total quantity of no-load particles (measuring the quantity of no-load particles which are released from cleaning cloths (or other materials) when they are under stress or similar stress under a dry state during actual usage process), generally the quantity of particles ≥0.5μm will be calculated (unit: Particles/m2/ft3). 3.The quantity of fiber released is the total load quantity of fiber after measuring a certain stress which cleaning cloths bear in a liquid environment (by simulating the actual usage). Generally the total quantity of fiber >100 micron is calculated (unit: fibers/m2). 4.The test of non-volatile residues 5.Adsorption capacity (adsorption speed and amount, the quicker the adsorption speed is, the better the performance of adsorption amount will be) 6.Content of metal ion The clean room is a core zone for pharmaceutical production. All incoming materials will be strictly controlled according to relevant conditions. But most of enterprises at present, including parts of experts, think all non-woven fabrics can satisfy the demand of clean room, which is a very big mistake. The non-woven fabric is just a joint name. The environment for manufacturing enterprises of cleaning cloths is different. Most of them are produced not in a strict clean environment. So the products themselves are pollution sources, and the cleaning work by them will get only half the result and bad result. Not to speak of the traditional method by use of self-made dust-free cloth towel, it is just to clean off the dirt you may see, while more tiny particles produced in this process would turn to be hidden danger affecting the quality of product.

Better to select light color cleaning cloths for the purpose of clear judgment

The cleaning cloth is a simple thing, just for cleaning; but it is complicated to use it. If it is not used properly, it will turn to be a media for transfer of bacteria. To be specific, the cleaning cloth shall maintain basic softness, cleanliness, not too hard and without the sense of adhesional wetting, especially without obvious dirty marks. People shall decide whether to replace the cleaning cloth according to its cleaning degree, which shall be replaced every two or three months. Especially the cleaning cloths for frequently contacting tableware shall be replaced every one week, when it shall be boiled by adding a small amount of alkali for not less than 5 minutes. Every time after the cleaning cloth is used; it shall be cleaned by detergent thoroughly and bleached sufficiently. As said by Mr. Lu Jinxing, the vice president of National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, besides being exposed under the sunlight for disinfection, the cleaned cloth shall be put into home microwave for two or three mins in high temperature after being wetted. If the sanitary requirement is higher, the chlorine-containing disinfectant shall be used by putting 250 mg per liter of water, which are soaked for over 30 mins. It is advised to select cleaning cloth of proper materials. For example, besides special cleaning cloths sold in super markets, the dish washing cleaning cloth can be made of traditional vegetable sponge , not only realizing the purpose of dirt removal but also environmental protection. Cleaning cloths for other purposes can be made of pure cotton or non-woven materials. The one-off paper cleaning cloth is convenient but it may cause certain level of waste. At last it is advised to select light color cleaning cloths during selection. For example, the cleanliness of cleaning cloths which are soft and white as towels in some families will be fine; but the cleaning cloths in some families are in dark color, which will lead to unconspicuous dirt and the cleanliness is difficult to be ensured. In addition, there are few chemical dyes for making light color cleaning cloths, compared with dark color cleaning cloths. The white color shall be selected for cleaning cloths, especially in case of contacting tableware and cooked food.
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